Principles of Effective Coaching

(Reference: Florida International University)
There are five key principles for effective coaching.
  1. Maintain and Enhance Self-Esteem

Your players/students need to feel respected and have a sense of self worth in order to be motivated, confident, innovative and committed. Players/students who feel valued are more willing to share responsibility, confront challenges, and adapt well to change. It will be your job as a coach to provide useful responses that are empathic, supportive and exploratory.

  1. Listen Actively and Respond with Concern

Listening is a powerful way to build trust and improve communication. To listen actively means to pay careful attention to what the player/student is saying. You can demonstrate that you are actively listening by being attentive and maintaining eye contact. You can show understanding and empathy by paraphrasing or reflecting back what was expressed. This encourages your players to share their feelings and ideas with you.

  1. Ask for Help and Encourage Involvement

Players/studetns want to have a say in how they do their work. They want to be involved in decisions that affect them. Involvement increases the chance that innovative ideas and solutions will surface. It is a sign of strength for a coach/educator to ask players for their suggestions on how to solve a problem or improve performance.

  1. Share Thoughts, Feelings, and Rationale

Players/students want to know how you’re feeling about them in relation to their performance. By being open with them, you’ll encourage them to trust you, to be open in return, and to accept responsibility for improving. By sharing the rationale for your decisions, you will help them understand how their work contributes to the goals of the team and the club as a whole.

  1. Provide Support without Removing Responsibility

 As a Coach/Educator of others, you are in a special position to provide support to your players/students. This may include advising, mentoring, and providing resources, reassigning duties, and clearing roadblocks.

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