Attendance (100%)

Arrival Time (15 min early for mental/physical preparation)

Focus (getting and staying on task, deep practice)

Commit to Dominant Soccer Philosophy

Commit to the Principles of Play

Commit to Speed of Play

Effort (physical energy put into the task, intensity)

Work as hard as you would in a match (train for match conditions)

Hours + Focus + Effort = Continuous improvement

Classroom Rules

Respect for coach, teammates, and self

Respect for property ( field, equipment, etc)

Address the teacher as “Coach _____”

Team Oriented Attitude

Interdependence (players, Coach)

Your right to demand of others

Others right to demand of you

Individual Responsibility of all players at the same time

Unity ( team = 1 group) (take actions to unify, not to split the group)

One team (hours, focus, effort for team)

Mottos: “focus, effort, success, etc”

Training Uniform


Attendance (100%)

Pre-arrival (readiness routine)

Arrival time (30-45min before kick-off)

Warm-up (focus, effort) (warm-up for the match conditions)

Play to win

Focus on the task at hand (focus on this match and this match only)

Maximum Physical Effort

Play as a team

Play the whole match (never give up)

Manage the match

Learn from each match





Homework (individual self-improvement)

Make a commitment to yourself

Move ahead while others stand still

Long-term vision