Condors Soccer Club believes in training soccer players as athletes. It is important for Condors to be technically and tactically proficient in the game of soccer and that requires a full commitment in the fall and spring to their teams. Condors also need to develop different skills and muscles (physical, mental, emotional) that can only be harvested by training in other sports and in different environments. The Condors are meant to serve the needs of the advancing, competitive player who wants to participate at their highest possible level and we know that multi-sport athletes are the best soccer players!

All of our adjoining divisions in Sidekick Sports Academy aim to create the complete athlete so that when the time for sport-specific specialization takes place (usually in high school), players are more diverse and dynamic than their peers.


Sidekick-FullColorSidekick Soccer Academy provides development through camps, clinics, goalkeepers, private training, and special needs.

Copy of College-FullColor (1)College Soccer Prep specializes in evaluations, goalkeepers, highlight videos, leagues, private training, resume creation, and showcases.

Copy of Wolves-FullColorWolves Futsal Club provides development through camps, clinics, leagues, goalkeepers, private training, teams and tournaments.




Micelin Minutemen Basketball provides development through AAU teams, camps, clinics, leagues, private training, special needs, and tournaments.

MicelinSeminolesLogoFullColorMicelin Seminoles Flag Football provides development through camps, clinics, leagues, private training, special needs, teams and tournaments.


SkrunningcolorSK Running Club provides development through track & field camps, clinics, leagues, meets, private training, special needs, and teams.

sidekickilllustrationsAllBlackSidekick Illustrations provides development through art, clothing, drawing, eSports, fantasy sports, photography, and video games.